Saturday, September 26, 2009

Why Jennifer's body rocks.

I honestly can't put this into my own words anymore because I have read so many, many blogs about this movie that anything that I have to say would just be a mish-mash of all of the things I've read and totally agree with........

So instead, I'm posting my favorite one via 'All Things Fangirl' -

As per usual my "movie review" is going to have some sort of cultural freak out in the middle of it, so buckle up, friends. This won't be long, but let’s jump into some Body talk.

The box office numbers are supporting the haters’ stance that Jennifer’s Body sucks. Now, everyone with the slightest shred of self awareness knows that if they think this without having seen it, they’re judging this movie based on two things: Juno, which is a different movie, and Megan Fox, who has been damned by some of the most exploitative non-porn roles to come down the cinematic pike in recent years, and has not yet backed up that persona with what the public feels is a requisite amount of talent or humility to make it palatable. If you hate patter, banter or stylized reality, yeah, you probably hate Diablo Cody. If you hate whorish things, like The Office’s Angela, you hate Megan Fox. So you, hater, are probably filled with loathing all the way to your creamy center at the mere concept of Jennifer’s Body. And I don’t blame you.

The thing is, Jennifer’s Body is neither Diablo Cody nor Megan Fox. It includes distillations of them that delightfully warp the realities of both, but the movie isn’t about them. It’s about the painfully familiar and horribly toxic Best Friend relationship, something every single woman or girl I have ever met knows intimately, the horror of which is give physical form on screen. This movie, similar to The Descent, I thought, is a horror movie for girls.


GO SEE THIS MOVIE, and do it with an open mind. I had to drag my boyfriend to it after he read all the negative reviews and he was pleasantly surprised. I think I took a lot more out of it than he did because, despite it's gory epidermis it's actually a movie for the ladies. Only a girl could truly understand this movie, but guys shouldn't have to think too hard to get the message. The sad thing is that people are so often turned off by entertainment that actually requires thought to understand it. This was a great film and one I've already added to a short list of all time favorite movies. Go into it with no expectations, and you may come out loving it.

ALSO - I have to commend Diablo Cody for casting Megan Fox as Jennifer. I like Megan Fox and all. I do NOT think she's a seriously talented actress, but she was the perfect girl to play the part and I can't imagine anyone playing it better. 


Jason said...

You're a stupid bitch.

Cake-Making Champ said...

Filthy whore, turn off the fucking TV, go order some Rainer Fassbinder on Barnes and Noble, and watch that instead.

Guided by Voices rocks too!